We work hard to make the best RIBs ever
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FM is one of leading creative and innovative company, which specials in rigid inflatable boats and accessories. We are very proud of our experienced team which devoted to
many revolutionary and up-to-date innovations.

We own a professional team providing our production development, including materials researching, engineering production processes
and custom-designing new product. FM boats focuses on quality control all the time, through supplier appraisal, raw materials inspection, processes technology controlling and final production
inspection, offering higher-quality products to you.
Our products have exported to many countries.
We got much good reputation of the high quality products all over the world.
Our products
Leisure RIBs
RIB FM-300
Length: 3,0 m
Width: 1,67 m
Weight: 110 kg
RIB FM-330
Length: 3,30 m
Width: 1,62 m
Weight: 73 kg
RIB FM-350
Length: 3,50 m
Width: 1,75 m
Weight: 176 kg
RIB FM-360
Length: 3,60 m
Width: 1,78 m
Weight: 110 kg
RIB FM-390
Length: 3,90 m
Width: 1,83 m
Weight: 178 kg
RIB FM-430
Length: 4,30 m
Width: 2,0 m
Weight: 187 kg
RIB FM-480
Length: 4,80 m
Width: 2,0 m
Weight: 230 kg
RIB FM-520
Length: 5,20 m
Width: 2,40 m
Weight: 340 kg
RIB FM-580
Length: 5,80 m
Width: 2,48 m
Weight: 465 kg
RIB FM-680
Length: 6,80 m
Width: 2,72 m
Weight: 750 kg
RIB FM-700
Length: 7,20 m
Width: 2,90 m
Weight: 830 kg
RIB FM-960
Length: 9,60 m
Width: 3,0 m
Weight: 2000 kg
More products
Rescue RIBs
Length: 5,80 m
Width: 2,52 m
Weight: 460 kg
RIB FM-660
Length: 6,60 m
Width: 2,52 m
Weight: 540 kg
Length: 7,0 m
Width: 2,90 m
Weight: 780 kg
Length: 8,0 m
Width: 2,85 m
Weight: 900 kg
Length: 8,0 m
Width: 2,85 m
Weight: 960 kg
RIB FM-1000
Length: 10,0 m
Width: 3,35 m
RIB FM-1200
Length: 12,0 m
Width: 3,35 m
More products
Luxury driver seat
Sit style driver seat
Jockey style console
Jockey style single seat
5 persons seat
3 persons seat
Removable sunbed
Stainless steel safety guard
Ladder for tube
GRP rear tail
GRP rear step
Size above 580 there's 1 stair and 2 stairs rear step for choice.
Below 580 there's 1 stair step.
Boat cover
We can produce specially for different boats.
Hydraulic steering system
Mechanical steering system
Mechanical steering system
Usually,boat size above 420 can be installed H style canopy.
And we can produce in different size and canopy color.
Stainless steel frame canopy
We can produce the canopy in different size suitable to different boats.
Teak floor
EVA teak style floor
Electric pump
Butterfly style anchor set
This anchor set suitable to 480,520,580,680,700 leisure RIBs